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Publicity Photos

S _ R Foundation, Washington Award, Apri

PC Ben Droz

Edwards Artist

PC :Toby Oft

trombone nook

PC: Ryan Brandenberg

Thein alto

PC: Ryan Brandenberg

Snow Day Practice

PC: Toby Oft

Philly Love

PC: Ryan Brandenberg

Fun with Lenox Lights

PC: Toby Oft

times two

PC: Ryan Brandenberg

Boston Public Library
A great city to play in

PC: Ryan Brandenberg

Boston Blur

PC Toby Oft

Performing, teaching, and all the rest! 

IU Brass Faculty acting normal

First IUTC Concert

First IUTC Concert

Tom Weaver and I with Sam Adler and Emily Freeman Brown at BGSU

Soloing with the Penn State Trombone Choir at Frühling Posaunen 2022


Monarch Brass at IWBC 2022 at UNT

Monarch Brass Trombone Section

Monarch Brass Trombone Section

some friends from 2022 ITF All Star Choir!


Final rehearsal of the season with the Toledo Symphony


Shosty 5 with St Louis!


After the premiere of the Esmail sonata in Philly

The 3 amigos

good times with good friends

Athena Brass Band at Midwest 2021

S _ R Foundation, Washington Awards, April 2019-4131 (1)

S&R Foundation Winners 2019

BGSU 2021 -22 Trombone Studio-3 (1)

BG bones fall 2021


With some good friends at ITF

IWTB from ITF 21

The 2021 International Women's Trombone Choir at ITF 2021, Ava Ordman director

The Jen Wharton!

Mentee Choir

My international conducting debut with the Mentee Choir, who sounded AWESOME

Faculty Chamber Concert

at the DC Trombone Workshop 2021

Teaching at MSU

the last event before COVID shutdowns

Holiday fun with TFO

Holiday concerts with TFO section

Too Hot To Handel Section

Chris Glassman, Vincent Chandler, at the Detroit Opera House. Fun times!

Promusica Chamber Orch Soiree

with guest Renée Elise Goldsberry and the trombone section

w/ Ross Holcombe

Ross Holcombe, The Florida Orchestra. Photos with friends in the time of COVID-19 - no hugging! :(

Recital at Murray State

Murray State University, March 10, 2020.

w/ Dr. Li Kuang

Residency at Murray State University, March 2020.

S&R Foundation Award Winners

S&R Foundation Award Winners

Gerry Pagano and Brittany Lasch with Jos

Edwards at IWBC 2019

IWBC 2019

with Natalie Mannix and Amelia Rosenberger, all Edwards Artists


IWBC solo recital 2019

Cogent Caprice

All star Cogent sextet at IWBC 2019


Red Sky with US Army Band

ATW Masterclass

ATW Masterclass

Trio at Arkansas Tbn Day

Dr. Cory Mixorf and Adam Rainey

Rolling Thunder March

ATW Finale for everyone!

Performing Red Sky

3/9/19 with Pershing's Own US Army Band at the American Trombone Workshop

S _ R Foundation, Washington Award, Apri

Natural Trombone PC Ben Droz

Premiering the Kennedy

Theme and Variations for Trombone and Orchestra with the BGSU Philharmonia

Bows with Bucks County Symphony

At the end of the Grondahl performance, 10/27/18


Post ATW concertos joy

BGSU New Music Festival Reception

Lasch, Emily Brown, Aaron Jay Kernis, Martin Kennedy

Elijah Brass at Oregon Bach Festival

Close up in Kennedy

New Music Festival

Early morning recital


Soiree Recital

With Seb Grand, piano

Teaching a Masterclass

During the BGSU Honor Band Week


Toledo Marathon

Astral Artists 2017 Winners Concert

Performing Ewazen

The Final Bow

Fun in Lenox

Recording at Berklee

Warm up at Verbier

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