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If you know a talented high school student looking for a summer festival opportunity, please consider applying to the Boston University Tanglewood Institute!

The Trombone Workshop is run by Professor Don Lucas. Toby Oft and I are the faculty for the large ensemble students. It's a magical place to spend the summer! APPLY HERE 

on a personal note...

welcome my new kitten, Clove! she is already well adapted to practice life 


Some updates...

Come check out the Detroit Symphony and hear me play lead on Frank and the Great Ladies of Song February 10-12

Don't miss Fruehling Posaunen at Ithaca College on April 2nd 

where I will be a guest artist! 

The BGSU Honor Band Festival Double Concerto Premiere from November 17th can be viewed here! 


In case you were wondering, Tom Weaver and I did indeed finish the 2022 Philadelphia Marathon as a duo! We can't wait for our next ones! 


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